Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Finally, yes, Finally the Moebius Battlestar Galactica is in my Hands

With a 5 - 10 days shipping period for International Priority Mails, the wait itself was painful but Starship Modeller again did not disappoint. Package came exactly 10 days and boy, I felt like a little kid again.

I had pre-ordered this kit for a very long time, I think among the first few who did, hoping to get her fast. I didn't expect the strong demand for this kit overwhelmed almost most of the online stores, delaying the shipping by a few days. But the package came, and I am happy.

When I got home, I began snapping pictures at the new arrivals until my 5th click when I got the dreaded  "Battery Weak Warning". Darn it .. had to recharge the camera batteries before I could continue. After two and a half hours of recharge time, I'm back snapping pictures away. Interestingly enough, I have another shipment from CultTVman that's coming and according to the Tracking Status, it just reached Malaysian Customs yesterday. So that'll take another one or two days before she reaches me.

So for today's package, I received 2 units of Moebius BSG, the aftermarket PEs from Paragrafix for the BSG, and PE for the 1/350 scale Polar Lights Refit Enterprise, Hull decals for the 1/350 scale NX01, and several Mark II Viper Canopy Mask.

So what did I do during the two and a half hour wait for my camera batteries to recharge? Well, it is a good excuse to watch the Avatar 3 DVD Disc Extended Version. Thanks to Benny, my cousin from Penang who SMSed me about it earlier, I made a quick trip to Speedy Video to get her. I'm currently on Disc 1 and the show continues on with Disc 2, which I'll probably watch tomorrow.

In case anyone is wondering, the recent special screening of the Extended version only had about 8 minutes extra footage. For the 3 Disc Extended Version, there is another extra 8 minutes not seen in the cinema. So there are a total of 16 minutes, and then there are the Deleted Scenes which I have yet view. Quite interesting so far as it explains quite a few things further - I shall do a special report on this later.

And oh yeah, just so those who are close to me know, my policy still stands - Sorry, I don't loan out expensive original DVDs. Doesn't matter how careful you are not to scratch her, the risk just isn't worth it at the price I'm paying for her.

More on the Moebius Galactica Kit.

Besides the instruction sheet and a relatively basic decal strip, the parts are neatly stored in 3 plastic packets. Be warned once you remove the parts from the box, you're going to need to be creative to try to fit all the pieces back in again.

Box size comparison with the Moebius Mark II Viper shows both boxes are of the same length but surprisingly the Mark II box is wider.  

Here are the parts taken according to their spruce tree, or by separate parts. Those who already have her can skip this part but those who have yet to get her may be interested in the details

I'm going to retake this picture again tomorrow. Just realise its blurry, and it is very late at night right now

My apologies as there are no write ups on the individual parts yet. That's because I haven't had the opportunity to study them up close. Further developments or WIP for this kit will be reported in my other WIP blog ... which I need to update soon anyway. I haven't touch that blog for a while now and it has but two post, and don't worry, I'll highlight the link here when there are WIP updates to report.

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