Sunday, November 21, 2010

Accurizing the Classic Enterprise Bridge Set (from AMT)

Anyone who grew up watching Star Trek during the 1960s and who are also into scale modelling, would surely have one of this, the AMT original series USS Enterprise Command Bridge set. I saw this a long time ago but I didn't buy it since I favoured the ships more, but now that I am seriously into scale modelling, I decided, why not. I saw this kit lying around in a local hobby store a few months back and decided to get her, thinking one day, I'm going to give this one a go and make her as authentic tot he classic show as possible. Below are 2 box art design done for the kit, with the lower one being the earlier issue.

So after purchasing her, I did some research and ....... ACK!!!! Even this kit is inaccurate. The consoles' molds had some inconsistencies, the turbo lift, the main screen and even the Helm station are missing a lot of details. It is basically a very simple kit design to capture the spirit of the show, not so much its authenticity.

Here's what you get in the box, the console pieces are very simple and all the "lighted" button and switches was going to be handled by the decals. Included in the kit are 3 1/35ish scale figures of Kirk, Spock and Sulu.

So why did I buy this to begin with? You could say I was influenced by a certain scale modeller's work by the name of Dave James. I don't have the links to his work as I saved these images a very long time ago. I'm not even sure if they still exist, but if anyone knows, please drop me a comment so I can link back to his site.

I was impressed because not only did he produce one very detailed bridge set for the NCC 1701, but he did the same thing for the NCC 1701D. Here are a couple of image of how the bridge looks, and more images what he accomplished.

NCC 1701D Bridge

Damn impressive. It'll probably take me like what, 8 months? Just to try to emulate his work. And where do I get accurate parts for a kit this old? OK, don't panic, I did a little further research and found that there was accurate parts done for this set by Lunar Models. Nice ... except that these were probably available 6 years ago. I haven't seen them selling anywhere since. It even comes with an additional figure, a correct helm's station and more accurate chairs. And of course, the turbo lift.

So much for trying to create an authentic canon bridge. My kit has since been lying with the rest of my stash as the only way I can compete is to scratch build the accurate sets - something I wasn't looking forward to as I didn't want to waste too much time with it. It was somewhat demoralizing as I remembered having a discussion with some of my Trekkie friends on how to re-produce this bridge set and lighting her. We all agreed she is indeed in need of aftermarket parts.

UPDATE as of 5 Mar 2011. Thanks to Stone6040, this set have been located to be still available at Federation Models. Its missing the pilot's viewer and Dr.McCoy's figure, but everything else is status quo.


Then I recently found out another accurate set is in the works. Its going to be from Don's Light and Magic (DLM). Its not ready yet but below are some highlights of what's coming.

Talk about timing, these parts are AWESOME. They are going to be the answer to AMT's basic kit set and will definitely give the bridge a more lovely ambiance. I know of a few Trekkies in Malaysia who are also holding on to their AMT bridge set hoping one day another accurization set becomes available. I'm hoping these would come with a panel set for lighting, since the current one in existence is still out of stock. Its the lighting panel set for the classic bridge by Outer Space Outfitters, and it was available at CultTVman Hobbyshop. Its currently out of stock and I myself am in the waiting list

I will update you guys here when DLM's set becomes available. So hang in there, all is not lost yet.

Another Update as of 5 March 2011. CultTVMan Hobbyshop have in stock Outer Space Outfitter's lighting panels for the bridge set. Better go get these soon before they run out. The restock for these takes a while to come in.


  1. Excellent collection of photos and information, much of which is difficult to find anywhere else.

    As un update, you can now find both the DLM panel set and accurizing kit at

    It is not identical to the one shown above but virtually so. It is absent McCoy and the pilot's viewer, though I'm not sure whether that was previously available or made by the guy who created the D bridge. Directions are provided for creating either a Season 1 or Season 2/3 bridge.

    Mine did include a pair of arms good for a helmsmen, though no actual figures or heads. I have been advised that additional figures may become available in the future.

  2. Thanks stone6040. I've updated the page accordingly