Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Updates on the Moebius Battlestar Galactica kit - more aftermarket parts

Just found out from Moebius Model Facebook (see, I really can't get away from FB) that the 1/4105 Battlestar kit has now been pushed back to early November 2010. Drats ...... I was sooo looking forward to this kit. Guess a few more weeks wouldn't hurt.

And here's the image of the box cover for the Moebius Bttlestar Galactica.

Surprisingly a lot of aftermarket parts are coming for this particular kit. Besides the Hull decals and photoetch parts highlighted earlier, now we're going to have those weird looking gun turrets.

First, the picture below are what you're going to get for the main turrets on the kit

And this is how the main turrets looks like on the show.

And here is what George of Timeslip Creations is developing. Turrets that looks like ... well, the Galactica's turrets. It'll be in the same scale as the Moebius kit, and will make an excellent representation of the Galactica herself. Stay tuned to Starship Modeller Store as they will be made available there somewhere around the end of October 2010

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