Monday, January 31, 2011

QMx's USS Reliant - the epitome of all USS Reliant Kits Out There

For those still looking for good images of the USS Reliant, I can find no better samples that those provided by the FX Company QMx. Based on the DeBoers/Northstar kit, they have virtually turned their kit to look almost exactly like the studio prop model during filming of the second Star Trek movie. The commissioned work done is equal to none, and the quality alone speaks of exclusivity.

Measuring 36 inches long and she comes lighted up, the precision detailing work is out of this world, and its the only one I know of that features a working lighted shuttle hangar bay.

Source: Firefly Shipworks

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  1. Amazing work! Love the detail, especially in the shutlebay. I'm working on a battle-damaged version of the AMT kit and I was researching the phaser bank colors when I found your site. This model is a beauty!