Monday, January 17, 2011

Coming Really Soon - Promise - Up Close and Personal with the New Cylon Raiders Resin Kits

Yup, received my 1/24 scale Cylon Raiders from both Season 1-3 and Season 4 variant recently, and I'm also doing a review of the 1/48 scale kits ................... until my camera said "Battery Exhausted" ... #%@#!!!!!.

So stay tuned as I will complete my review much later on tonight - that is after work. Just to satiate your appetite, they're the :
  • 1/24 scale Season 1-3 Howling Wolf Cylon Raider
  • 1/24 scale Season 4 Bad Azz Advance Raider
  • 1/48 scale Season 4 Bad Azz Advance Raider
  • 148 scale Season 4 Fantastic Plastic Advance Raider
Lots of images and comparison coming up later.

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