Saturday, January 1, 2011

What's coming in 2011 ...

This topic is actually a good way to start off 2011 - highlighting some of the new kits coming our way for the new year. Some of these are already known by a few who follows closely with the manufacturers or GK producers, others through various forums and blogs. I'll put them here for the benefit of all and will try to consolidate these new kits into one post so its easy to track them

Please note that the listing below are mostly Sci Fi kits, and these kits are very tentative with their release schedule, strictly subject to change by their manufacturers with little or no notice. I will do my best to update everyone when I have more information. Included are also items that may not happen after they were announced last year.


Polar Lights

1/350 Scale Classic USS Enterprise 1701 - This may or may not happen but it
helps when you pre-order her to add the numbers.

1/2500 Scale New Movie USS Enterprise NCC 1701- This kit as of this moment may be cancelled as highlights for her in Round 2's website have been removed. Not really sure what happened, and she may even pop up again. Let's keep our fingers crossed

FROM AMT - Scheduled January 2011 Release
          - Revised wing baffles to correctly display the wing formation
          - Landing gears as seen from Star Trek III
          - New Dome Base for flight display

          - New Neck connector for the saucer section to the engine fuselage
          - 18" long with Aztec decals

          - Available on its own for the first time
          - Includes optional plasma weapon and accurate nacelle caps

          - Adjusted tooling - removed saucer ridges, thicker saucer, improved bridge dome
          - New dome style base


Please put in your pre-orders with for these if you want to be among the first few to receive them, and if you want to enjoy the pre-order rates (subject to T&C). If you don't, then its going to be like the Moebius Galactica issue all over again when almost 90% of Hobby Shops around the world sold out on that kit, and all later orders could only be filled a few weeks later, causing frustrations and heartaches.

1/32 Scale Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider


From Garage Kit Manufacturers in 2011
Please note that there are no official links for some of these kits as there are nothing much to show yet. Most of these are tentatively planned and more updates will be forthcoming when they have been casted and ready for shipment.


1/48 Scale Cylon Razor Raider

1/ 2500 Scale Battlestar Berzerk (as seen on BSG Razor)

1/2500 Scale Battlestar Galactica


Palomino @15" tall (to the top of the antennas)

1/4105 Scale BSG Pegasus

1/350 Scale X-Wing Fighter
1/350 Scale Y-Wing Fighter

1/144 Scale Discovery from 2001 Space Oddysey

1/144 Scale Leonov from 2010 Space Oddysey

Meta Probe from Space:1999

1/350 Scale Medical Frigate from Star Wars

More updates when I have more information. Do check back to this blog regularly as even I am not sure when such information will reach me.


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