Monday, January 31, 2011

Announcement on Paragrafix's Moebius Galactica Set

In case some of you are not aware, Paragrafix have actually come out with a summarized version of his PE set for those who wish to just build the Galactica (and not keen on the Landing Bay's detail set). Its actually not a new set since it will have what the complete set already has, the Museum windows and the etched ship's insignia. You can get this HERE

What's new and coming will be another set (lets call it Set 2) whereby the Garage or Flight Pod Recess will be addressed. For those who had build their Galactica ... oh boy. But for those who hasn't or currently in the midst, you'd want to get this as the current recess area is merely a smooth area with no details whatsoever on them. Acreation decals will be working out a new decal set to compliment the PE set and those that had purchased directly from him could be getting a replace set (subject to last minute change yar. Its too early to commit anything yet)

So .. wait for it guys. Its going to be sooo worth it

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