Thursday, September 9, 2010

KIT Alert - Round2 Polar Lights JJ Enterprise and AMT Reliant New Release Dates

This kit was originally slated for a December 2010 release but has now been pushed back to April 2011. Its in 1/2500 scale and measures up to 11.5" long. Its called the JJ Enterprise due to its bold radical design. Some loves it, and some hates it. I kinda like it. It'll grow on you if you keep staring at it.

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The USS Reliant's Aztec decals can also be ordered separately in October
The re-tooled USS Reliant however have been scheduled for a November 2010 release. This kit will be on the same scale with the ERTL/AMT USS Enterprise 1701 A kit. It will come with more accurate parts such as the removed saucer ridges, thicker saucer and improved bridge dome.
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