Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Superstar Destroyer - There's a kit for this out there?

Imagine you're surfing the net to get some good images of the SSD (Superstar Destroyer) be it for a wallpaper, or you just want to use the images for reference. And then you see ...... hello, what's this? A kit?  Whoa .. you can actually own your very own Superstar Destroyer in your own room. That's right, there are actually kits of the Superstar Destroyer made out there. And bear in mind this ship is suppose to be really massive in the movies, now imagine it as a model kit. It'll need to have 25 times the details you see on a very detailed  SD (Star Destroyer), and it needs to look larger than life. Mind you the SDs are tiny compared to the mother of all starships. It is after all Darth Vader's ego trip and "don't mess with me" Sunday vehicle.

Most of the kits I found are scratchbuilt and made of resin. Well, there just isn't any styrene plastic kits made available for this behemoth, and even if there was, I can only imagine the level of inaccuracies that goes with it. The sheer amount of details incorporated are just mind boggling, and the people that created resin kits out of them really had to do their research. The outcome for all of these are truly amazing.

As far as I know, there are only the following SSD kits made available (but no guarantee they're still in stock). I may have missed a few more, but these I found. I'll start with the smallest first.

Scale Solution's SSD 14.5"

Korbanth's SSD 36"

Ravenstar's SSD 38"

You will notice that some of the titles above the images have no links. That's because I can't find their respective links. Scale Solution and Ravenstar's images were taken from Locke_333's photobucket (from the Starship Modeller forum) while Korbanth's SSD image were taken from the Replica Prop Forum (close ups are available at

I do not know where you can get most of these kits (you could click the links, do some detective work and write to their creators), and some of them are indeed on a limited run - meaning their Sold Out. You could still find some of these through EvilBay but expect the prices to be jacked up some.

Or you could try Avery Models (17.5") who I believe he still have them in stock. One thing nice about Avery Models is that they also carry 2" SDs to go along with the SSD. Makes for a pretty neat diorama fleet. I'm planning to get mine through Avery Models but I need to hold back for now as the Moebius BSG kit is coming around the corner

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  1. The Studio Model's 12 foot is actually the original prop from TESB and ROTJ. The photos were taken by Marco Groen and Mark Dickson when it was on display at a Magic of Myth type of museum presentation.