Monday, September 27, 2010

Part 1 Studio Scale Reference for the BSG Mark II Colonial Viper

Reference is always important to those who wants their build done as accurate as possible. The problem is usually sourcing for those materials. So to help scale modellers in general, here are some reference images of the 1:1 scale Mark II Viper from the new Battlestar Galactica Series. This life size mock up was used during the filming but there are some difference from the CGI model. For one, the forward thrusters and engine side thrusters are missing. Those were added on for the space flight scenes. Also to note is the cockpit - they're different for Season 1 & 2, and Season 3 and 4

Part 2 of the Studio Prop Model is HERE

I've just updated this post with more images of the studio model.

Added on 6th Oct 2010 - More images of the Mark I Viper studio model

Earlier Uploaded images of the Studio 1:1 scale Mark II

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