Saturday, September 25, 2010

Starship Modeller's Starfighter Contest 20

Hey gals and guys, did you know that Starship Modeller has brought back the "Star Fighter" online contest? I used to see the result page and saved a lot of images from their past events, but never really joined. Reason wasn't so much the distance (since its online) but ... well, when you see the other participants' work, I was kind of embarrassed to show mine .. hehehe. But I guess I need to someday, since I was told mine wasn't that bad.

Let me elaborate a little more about this contest. It says "Star Fighter", meaning its those one or two pilot fighter vehicles we grew to love so much. It cannot be a starship or space cruiser even though those things do fight in space.

Here's an excerpt from the Contest Rules

Awards will be given in three categories:
  • Box Stock/Limited Conversion: A model built from a commercially available kit (it may be out of production). Your kit can be lighted and/or super-detailed, but it must be recognizable as a commercially available kit. Aftermarket and scratchbuilt additions (accurizing kits, cockpit details, photoetc, etc.) may be used as long as the bulk of the model came from a commercially available kit.
  • Scratchbuilt/Kitbashed: A model built primarily from scratch or kitbashed from other components.
  • Diorama: Any model incorporated into a display with other models, figures, etc. that tells a story or presents a snapshot of an activity.
Eligibility. For the purposes of this contest, entries must be a starfighter in some fashion. The generally accepted definition of "starfighter" is a small, fast, usually one-manned craft designed for armed combat primarily in space (though they may also operate within an atmosphere). Any entry depicting a vehicle, figure or piece of hardware associated with a starfighter, or activity (or multiples of these) is acceptable -- as long as it meets the rest of the guidelines below, of course. Your descriptive text MUST provide clear reason why the entry meets the criteria.

Examples of eligible entries include, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO, the following:
  • Any small, armed craft that operates in space much like a fighter aircraft operates on Earth. Examples include Starfuries, Colonial Vipers, X-Wings and Draconian Marauders. Large ships, such as the USS Enterprise, Battlestar Galactica or Stardestroyer, do not qualify - even though they fight in space.
  • Any crewmember (pilot) of a starfighter
  • Any hardware or sub-system that is part of a starfighter (weapons, sensors, control stick, etc.)
  • Mecha/powered suits IF they operate in space - not on Earth or another planet, asteroid, comet or Moon.

I'm seriously thinking about joining this one and the deadline is 3rd January 2011. That means I have roughly 3 months to complete whatever I want to enter. Haven't quite decided what yet. But I do have all hese images to help me decide:


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