Saturday, September 4, 2010

Avery Product's Star Destroyer Accurate Parts .. and then some

I'll have to admit after seeing The Empire Strikes Back, I have always been fascinated with the Star Destroyer. A triangular Imperial Battle Cruiser whose shape and might powers many fantasy and imagination. In fact, my very first Star Wars kit was the MPC (I think) Star Destroyer, purchased by my uncle for me when I was around 15 years old. I remembered getting a good thrashing from my mom for using my uncle (I didn't actually, he saw how much I was drooling over the kit so he bought it for me) despite my cry of innocence, but it was worth it. The box art was that of a Star Destroyer pursuing the Millenium Falcon.

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It was also the very first kit I took the effort to paint - literally. I remembered getting me a couple of enamel airfix light grey bottles, a can of thinner and a brush. Yup .. well, I was 15 then. I used a nail clipper to clip the parts off the spruce (gasp!!) and my art blade to scrap off access plastic. Construction then was very simple - just glue it. Yeah, it had lots of gaps which I covered with layers of enamel paint later

I still have the kit .. in pieces now over the years but all the parts are accounted for. And I remembered using a small tube of super glue. Learned the hard way you don't wipe super glue with your fingers. I plan to salvage the kit once I figure out how to strip the paint and the parts off again

When I came home from US, I managed to secure another kit, this time under the AMT label, and it comes with fiber optics. Its still among my stash in mint condition, and I've been meaning to get to it, just haven't figured out when.

So imagine to my surprise as I was surfing the net, I found Arvey Models who had an accurization set. Well, ok, he had 2 - one for the "Avenger" and another for the "Devastator". I didn't realise these ships had names, but it was neat how people were able to tell them apart.

Here's how the Avenger would look like

And here's the Devastator

Other parts are standard and they include ...

There are other detailed parts made for this kit, including some photoetch pieces which are hard to find today. And due to my budget, I guess I won't be working on my Star Destroyers for a while. But I do have my eyes set on something else from Avery Products. They're expensive however, and since I plan to get that 1/2500 Galactica kit first, I have to put these aside for the time being.

The 17.5" Superstar Destroyer Resin Kit

And he even made miniature Star Destroyers to accompany this goliath to scale

I have purchased from Arvey Models before, and I can vouch for this company. Got me the TOS Battlestar Galactica Accurization Set for that Monogram Galactica Kit (this kit is really worse than the ERTL movie Refit USS Enterprise) but I'll go into this another day. Very nice packing, and the parts are detailed with very little flashes to clean. Highly recommended

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