Monday, August 8, 2011

Despicable Me's Minions ... Aaarghh!!! They're so cute

Woohoo ... Minions galore!!

OK, when I first saw this show, it was with an open mind. At the end, I was really into those Minions. Imagine if I had some of those helping me with my everyday chores ... the time I could otherwise spent getting my kits done. And OK, I am weird. I do find them amusing and cute.

And if you are one of those who don't find them cute, think about this. Who else gets to attract fans like these??

So say it with me .. they are cute ... yes, they are very cute .. Woi!! I meant the Minions!!!

Hence imagine me when I saw this listed over at Starship Modeler, how could I say no? Mine is on the way .. YESSS!!! This kit was actually a surprise kit made available for those who attended the last Wonderfest Event, so for people like me who lives literally across the globe and can't attend any of these events, its in a way a dream come true to get a hold of these.

Saw this yesterday at Starship Modeler Webstore and there was like 7 units in stock. Now there are only 3. Guess I'm not the only one who thinks they're cute.

From the SSM Store - You get: 3 different Minions (2 short, 1 tall, all with different goggles) with several different options for arms(customize them how you like) and different options for eyes/mouths on a decal sheet, and of course, instructions. Mastered/sculpted by Steve Kundrat, decals by JTGraphics. What that was not mentioned there is that you are also given a small length of wire to simulate their hair. Choice of style entirely up to you.

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