Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fancy Owning a Highy Accurate Studio Scale TOS Galactica at 1/4105 scale?

For those scale modellers who are into BSG like me and do serious research for information on accurizing or upgrading their "Revellogram" kit, the name "Marko Osterholz" should be a very familiar name. This man scratch build his Battlestar Galactica kit at 1/4105 scale, putting this beauty on the same scale with the Moebius Galactica kit. The project was his second attempt at creating the perfect Battlestar as seen on TV, and took him 6 months to complete.

Marko's Galactica is so accurate that it is officially the ONLY studio scale replica made at 21.5% of the actual film model's size, putting her arounf 38cm long. Other builds range from 3 to 5 feet long (some are even longer), and would set you back around USD$10-20 grand for a commision work. Not only that, you're going to need a big space to display those, and shipping is going to be a killer.

Marko's build was the basis for the creation of the "Ultimate Battlestar Accurization Set" currently sold by Arvey Model Products. The set is so comprehensive that almost 85% of the original kit needs to be butchered, sanded and levelled to apply the accurate parts on. Looking at his Battlestar, we can understand why its called "Ultimate Upgrade Set" since the accurization process is very comprehensive.

For a long while, many turned to Marko's build as their inspiration to create their own masterpiece, but to date, none had successfully equaled what Marko have achieved. He has also finally agreed to put this beauty up for sale after receiving numerous offers, andsince the build is highly sought after, its open to only serious offers. Click on Marko's link above if you're interested to know more about how he created this beauty.

In the meantime, here's Marko's Original Series Battlestar Galactica at 1/4105 scale.

Compared to the Revellogram's kit on top

For bigger and better images, please go to HERE to view. Below are a couple of sample images of what you'll see there

And to the lucky person who will eventually own this beautiful kit, please note that you will be in possession of something that took lots of love and passion to construct. And you're going to have something that is truly one of a kind, so take good care of her.

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