Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some recent builds of the Revellogram Original Series Galactica

I was asked why I refer to the old TV Series Galactica kit as the "Revellogram" kit. Actually the kit is the same (crappy) but because it was first issued by Monogram, then reissued by Revell, hence the nick "Revellogram". Sorry if I confused a few readers here.

Second, the build done by Marko Osterholz as per highlighted in my previous blog post, is not an upgrade of the old Monogram kit itself. She was scratch build, meaning everything you see there started out from materials obtained all over the place, not just from the Monogram kit. Hence what he has are a result of months of research compile together with skilled craftsmanship. That kit is a genuine 1/4 scale of the actual filming model replicated to perfection. We cannot compare her to the Monogram kit, only the actual studio model.

I have received several request asking me for a step by step guide on how Marko achieved his masterpiece. Well ... I myself would like to know too and only Marko can answer that.

Guess from my observation, a lot of Sci Fi scale modellers do have the old kit lying around somewhere, and after the success of the Re imagined BSG episodes, a lot of these are now finding new life by being worked on recently. Please note that a lot of these are not 100% accurate as seen with the studio model, but instead the builders have chosen to upgrade the kits using "greebles". The term "greebles" basically means stuff that are used to add on to a ship's surface to give them a "busy" look, as opposed to having the ship look barren of details. Greebles could be anything, spare parts from other kits, spruce and even everyday household objects.

The following are very nice builds from scale modeller's at

Here's one that was nicely done up by RSN

Here's one that was nicely done up by James Tiberius


Here's one that was nicely done up by Cosmo You can see this build is really going through some butchering

I've yet to build up mine as I'm still awaiting another important accurizing set. When that arrives, and if I have completed my Moebius builds, I can only hope mine will look as good as these. Fingers crossed


  1. Here's mine:
    Thanks again for your site, Bruce.

  2. Wow Chris, nice work there. Do you have more pictures? Would love to see some close ups