Sunday, February 20, 2011

Part 1 Klingon Bird of Prey Reference

This few post will serve as reference to AMT's 1/350 scale Kilingon Bird of Prey (or more commonly referred to as the Klingon BOP in short). We were introduced to her in "Star Trek III The Search for Spock" and I remembered falling in love with her design the first time I saw her on screen.

AMT/ERTL came up with the BOP kit soon after but I didn't get her until she was repackaged under the "Generations" issue. By then I already knew the kit only came with two potential pose modes, Cruising and Attack Mode. It was only recently when AMT reissued her, she came with a detailed landing gear, the underbelly ramp and a third pose, which is the Landing Mode.
Below are the box covers done throughout the years for the Klingon BOP kit:

The Klingon BOP is a versatile craft, capable of both space and athmospheric flight. It can also land on land while cloaked. She usually has a crew compliment of 12, and serves as a scout, hence she is classified as a Scout Class Vessel.

Managed to find some publicity shots of this craft. Note the camo pattern on her hull, and the top rib buffle that is attached to the wings. Reddish pattern is found on the underside of the wings.

Her main weapons consist of two disruptor cannons located at each of her wing tips, a forward photon torpedo launcher and aft photon torpedo launcher

The new AMT kit now allows for more possibilities in terms of posing your BOP, and a remake of the famous BOP landing on Vulcan has become more of a reality for many.


Here are some Studio Filming Model shots of the BOP during shooting. The pictures' quality aren't that great due to age, and there wasn't any HD format cameras then too.

Here are some Black and White renders reference shots for scale

Some screen caps of the BOP from the movies

And here's some from Star Trek The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine

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