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The Battlestar Valkryie and Available Kits

One thing I like about the new Battlestar TV series was the way they showcase different classes of ships and fighters, as it is with the current modern Navy. Unlike the old TV series, most of the colonial military used the same class of ships (probably to save cost) which doesn't give much variants to the series.

The Battlestar Valkryie was a modern Battlestar that currently serves as the Colonies Front Line of Defence. It was Admiral Adama's ship before he was given the Galactica, as a form of demotion to commandeer a Battlestar for the last time as the Galactica en routes to New Caprica to be decommissioned as a Museum.

Some background as explained by Battlestar Wiki:

Valkyrie was a Colonial Battlestar, belonging to Battlestar Group 41, under the command of William Adama before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. The ship's class is not known.

Approximately six years before the Cylon attack, Valkyrie had been ordered by Admiral Peter Corman to deploy a stealth recon ship over the Armistice Line to test Cylon resolve and gather intelligence on Cylon activities. During the mission, an unidentified DRADIS contact (presumed to have been a spacecraft) entered the area of the stealth ship piloted by Lieutenant Daniel Novacek and damaged the Stealthstar's engines before jumping away.

Two further (presumed Cylon) contacts were detected on an intercept course with the stealth ship. Rather than attempt a rescue of the disabled craft, Commander Adama ordered the stealth ship to be destroyed to prevent its discovery and capture.

In the days and years following the incident at the Armistice Line, and in particular after the Cylon attack on the Colonies, Adama came to believe that his actions had provoked the Cylon assault, having "proved" to them that humanity was aggressive and not to be trusted (TRS: "Hero").

This poster is available from JTGraphics

We first see the Battlestar Valkryie in "Razor", when Admiral Adama explains about his experience on the first Cylon War, and in the Scorpion Shipyard when the Cylons attacked and destroyed all the berthed ships except the Pegasus which managed to get away. Coincidentally we also got to see another variant of the Valkryie Class (with a spoiler) in the Shipyard scene.

The Valkryie Class almost saw some action in BSG : The Plan, when the Cylons released their virus incapacitating the entire Colonial Military vehicles, making them sitting ducks to the Cylon's missiles.

The two different variants of these Battlestar Class

Available Kits

Only JTGraphics (under BadAzz), Timeslip Creations and Bambam Productions came out with these Battlestar kits. In comparison, JTGraphic's 1/2500 scale and Timeslip's 1/4105 scale (in scale with Moebius' Galactica) kits are very well casted capturing every single details depicting the ship as we see her on TV.

Here's a closer look at the JTGraphic's BadAzz kit from a review done by moffeaton. More highlight on this HERE

And here is Cylon75's work using the famous shoe polish technique

Bambam Production's Valkryie Kits

As for Bambam Production's kits on the variant version, its called the Battlestar Poseidon and the kit should look like the below image. I said "should" because the kit I received from Bambam had very soft details while the rear spoiler section was not very well casted. And you will need to scratchbuild a lot of the finer details such as the panelling lines and bulk exteriors into the kit. I'm not sure what resin material was used for the casting as I found it very powdery when I cleaned the parts (make sure you have your face mask on if you're working with these). Since I haven't really started on his kits yet, I can't say for sure how well the resin will hold with glue, primer and paint. The parts were not adequately cleaned off before shipment and there were a lot of resin flashes and stubs I had to clean off before I could re-packaged the parts for storage.

I hope at the time of writing this review, Bambam have rectified his packaging methods. Small fragile parts like the guns need adequate protection during transit, otherwise, you'll get what you see in my pictures - lots of bent and broken gun turrets.

As for his Battlestar Valkryie, he went with this design, which after comparing with the screencaps, is not an actual representative of the TV version. This design is bulkier with no sleek sharp edges found in the screen caps for its nose, and missing are the engine flaps, both front and back. It is still adequate if you're planning to have different variants of Battlestars in your fleet collection.

You can view more of Bambam's Valkryie over at Fantastic Plastic's gallery

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