Monday, February 14, 2011

ADMG Part 3 - Accurizing/Detailing the Flight Pods

Here's part 3 of detailing and accurizing your Moebius Galactica, emphasizing on the Flight Pods. This is the section where the Vipers, Raptors and any other ships in the rag tag fleet that fits inside the bay gets to dock inside the flight pod. At the side of the port flight pods is where the Vipers are launched.

And to reiterate what I had highlighted earlier in another blog post ....

If you look closely at the instruction sheet (for those who has the kit), you will notice the diagram does not show these 8 pins. I believe they are molding stubs. I removed mine and the bay slips in snugly. Problem solved. (watch your eyes as the small plastic stubs can become deadly projectiles when snipped off by a spruce cutter)

Installing the Flight Deck Decals

Be forewarned that you will need to constantly adjust the alignment of the flight deck decals by placing the top flight pod piece in position, when the decals are still wet and able to be maneuvered. Thankfully Cylon75 discovered this in his first build, failing to do so will result in your flight deck running out of alignment. In the pictures below, you can see the decals aligned along with Paragrafix's PE detail set for the flight deck.

Detailing the Entry and Exit Gantry

If you look at the above CGI shots of the opening and exit gantries of the Flight Pods, and then compare those to the Moebius kit, you'll find that despite the kit having an excellent representation of these opening, the height of the inverted "V" hole should be higher by about 1mm

Marko removed and redesigned the holes and also removed the armour plating surrounding them. He also took this opportunity to add in some ribs into the inner opening mouth section. The surrounding armour for the hangar entry will be replaced later.

Here are the tools used by Marko to recreate the ribs, in case you're wondering how he did it. He is truly a Scale Modeler MacGyver.

Other Detailing Done on the Flight Pod

Marko cuts the landing bay decals to shorten them, and after placement, he sprayed them over with 70/30 matte clear coat/light grey combination to achieve a scaled back effect

Placing Paragrafix's Hangar Deck PE set. Notice the new hangar bay opening?

Another thing that Marko did was to cut off one panel section between the ribs as the flight pod was a tad too long

The Museum Windows will now need to be scratch build as its too big for Paragrafix's PE set.

Here's the outcome of Marko's detailing on the finished kit

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