Monday, February 21, 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT! Black Sun Models 1/72 Scale Galactic Recon Utility Craft

Good news people. I have received confirmation that Black Sun Models will be doing another run of the 1/72 scale Galactic Recon / Utility Craft (we know them as Raptors) coming soon in a month or two. Unfortunately the 1/48 scale will not be reissued as the masters for that scale is no longer available.

And I am announcing this as I have received quite a few feedback, requests and even offers about selling my Raptor kits which by the way, they're not for sale. Sorry.

So if you had missed out on this highly sought after kit of the Raptor, stay tuned to this blog as I'll make the announcement as to when she will be available. OR you can constantly check the Starship Modeler Shop site for any updates.

In the meantime, I just saw a fantastic build up of John Ross's 1/72 scale Raptor at Gallery. Click the link to see the rest of his beautiful build up kit. I'm going to use his build as reference to my own later

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