Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ok, Even I Get Conned Sometimes ....

A few years back I received this email regarding giant skeletons discovered by archaeologist. I remembered reading about giants in the bible, offspring's of fallen angels copulating with humans. David did do battle with Goliath .. even though it was a "short" fight. I had always thought the idea of this fallen angel-human combination was a good recipe for a science fiction flick (of course via faith, I know these really do exist) and then came the email with these images. I remembered the uproar it created amongst my colleagues.

A few weeks later, we discovered to our embarrassment ... it was a hoax. Story has it that these were created by a student taking a photoshop class, and as a project, they were suppose to "create" something that looked believable but yet everyone knows they're fake.

Sure fooled me, but I have to admit, the images are good reference for a nice diorama - hint hint.

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