Saturday, February 12, 2011

ADMG Part 1 - Intro to Accurizing and Detailing your Moebius Galactica

OK, so there had already been quite a few impressive build ups of the Moebius Galactica kit, and some of these were truly awe inspiring. Then there are those (like me) who are still struggling with theirs. I have this problem about total perfection and it has been my stumbling block from completing projects in time. Good thing too since there had been new aftermarket kits released recently for the Moebius kit, which I can still apply on mine (referring to the coming Paragrafix Battlestar Garage/Recess PE).

Among the best few kits build up are that from Marko Osterholz. It is with his kind permission I am able to use his build as a guide for those who wish to emulate what Marko had done for his Galactica. So what makes Marko's build so special? For one thing, check out the amount of details he had put into his kit, and second, the work he had done to make the kit as accurate as possibly to what you see on TV. Marko's talent and eye for details makes his kit exceptional from the others. You can actually follow up on his build HERE

Another excellent build up would be from Cylon 75 who used the famous shoe polish technique to weather his Galactica, and lighted up his kit. You can follow up on his WIP HERE. He is currently working on his third Galactica.

So now you've seen the experts' work. And the best part is that they shared with everyone what they had done. Of course the bad part is that they made this look too easy. Trust me, it ain't easy. I spent almost 4 weeks trying to scratchbuild that garage area, and on my 7th attempt, Paragrafix announced a PE set (my saviour).

So I can understand if some of you like me, gets stumped on an area and that probably held up your progress. By following up with some of the Galactica WIPs, I am now able to go step by step on what you need to do to get yours on par with theirs. I'll probably add on some more tips to try to make this step by step guide as complete as possible.

First thing you need to do is to plan how you want to tackle this baby. We'll proceed in stages so you can follow closely, especially on correcting some problem areas. I had highlighted a few pit areas you need to watch out for HERE but I will reiterate some of these as we go along.

Due to the lengthy title, I've decided to re-label them with the code ADMG (Accurizing & Detailing Moebius Galactica) as follows:

ADMG Part 1 - Intro to Accurizing and Detailing your Moebius Galactica
ADMG Part 2 - Accurizing/Detailing the Alligator Head Section
ADMG Part 3 - Accurizing/Detailing the Flight Pods
ADMG Part 4 - Accurizing/Detailing the Garage/Recess Section
ADMG Part 5 - Accurizing/Detailing the Main Hull
ADMG Part 6 - Lighting up the Moebius Galactica
ADMG Part 7 - Painting your Moebius Galactica

Links will be provided for each title when I have completed the post for them.
Now please note the steps highlighted here are by no means the only way to do them. There are still many professionals out there that has done an excellent job on their kit and if possible, I'll share them when I come across these.

Coming up - Part 2 Accurizing and Detailing the Head Section of your Galactica

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