Monday, February 21, 2011

My Cat just gave Birth to a Kitten Today

YES!!! .. And I was there to watch the miracle of birth (so proud I didn't throw up too). Its not a sci fi topic but I spent like 2.5 hours with her, cleaning the surrounding area and making sure her "nest" was comfortable and well protected.

Her stomach was already so big the past few days and I had a hunch it was going to be anytime soon, so I prepared a nice animal plastic carrier for her, took out the door and made her a nice little nest. Did this about four days ago and its really so touching to see her getting the message and choosing to use that for her nest

I had actually wanted to do a comparison review of AMT Round 2's 1/537 scale Reliant and 1/1000 scale Enterprise B (Received the package today) but I didn't expect her to deliver today. Not sure why I'm feeling so proud, but it is a good feeling anyway.

Mother and Kitten lullaby

Hope she likes her new nest, my modified animal plastic carrier
Had to fence off the corner as she was a little too protective with my dog around (They got along fine but not sure now)

Lets hope this litter survives to adulthood. She already lost her last two. I'll do what I can to see that happen. Wonder if there will be anymore kittens coming. Her tummy still seem a little big. And I definitely need a shower.

These images were taken the next morning. Kitten is dark grey in colour but for such a small thing, she sure can meow out loud


  1. That's good news. Congratulations.

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