Sunday, September 4, 2011

Other Ambassador Class Starships Reference Materials

The studio model of the Enterprise C was of course re-used through the course of time to represent other Starships on TV and the movies, with some changes made to the hull. Some would think that these changes were done to differentiate the C from the other vessels - partly true but more toward rebuilding those parts when the studio was replacing those battle damages done to the Enterprise C model.

There were many Ambassador Class Starships highlighted in the Star trek Universe, and for simplicity, their registries are listed as per below:
  • USS Adelphi NCC-26849
  • USS Ambassador NCC-10521
  • USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C
  • USS Excalibur NCC-26517
  • USS Exeter NCC-26531
  • USS Gandhi NCC-26632
  • USS Horatio NCC-10532
  • USS Valdemar NCC-26198
  • USS Yamaguchi NCC-26510
  • USS Zhukov NCC-26136

While the original model started from the Enterprise C, they refurbished the Ambassador class studio model and that refurbished model was reused over and over again to represent other Starships. Here are a few more images of the refurbished Ambassador Class Vessels after the jump.

The USS Yamaguchi NCC-26510

The USS Excalibur NCC-26517 

The USS Zhukov NCC-26136

Its good that there are variance. Even with moden naval forces throughout the world, each similiar class vessels do have something different, each with their distinguish markings separating them form the others. And the tradition is repeated at Starfleet, even through to the 23rd Century.

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