Thursday, September 1, 2011

First view of Pegasus Hobbies 1/144 Scale Alien Tripod

Just a follow up on the Pegasus Hobbies War of the World's 1/144 scale Alien Tripod. Thanks to GKvfx, we now can see the kit's parts and tree sprues first hand before her release.

According to GKvfx, there were about ten trees of parts and from the measurement seen, this kit is going to be quite big. Here's his description over at the Starship Modeler Forum

"Looking at the parts on the trees, I can see that this kit is a big step up for Pegasus. The engineering is more complicated than anything I've seen from them, and the level of detail is far more sophisticated.

The leg parts seem to be split up into three sections. Each section has little tabs/keys so you know that you are doing this the right way. I test fir a single leg together this morning and it was fairly intuitive. I suspect the leg parts are identical - or maybe the two front ones are. Detail is good, with the feet being looking like suction cups and the ankles having barbs.

The waist has recessed cups that accept the hip joint of the leg. These are keyed as well, but I suspect you could cut off the tab and alter the position of the leg if you were doing a diorama.

Kit includes an option to build the version with the people baskets (molded in clear) or the variant with the destructo-ray arms (that's what I'm calling them anyway....). You also get all the little feeler arms to glue on. They are molded with a bunch of curves and, looking at the built up sample he also brought, look very natural.

The head has a couple of large parts topped by the smoked hood. I'm not sure where you can fit batteries in this thing, but I suspect watch batteries in the hood might work. (You cannot run a wire down the inside of the leg as the lower leg is solid and too curved to drill out.)

The detail on the hood is great. Subtle panel lines and textures. This will really benefit from a nice pass with the Metallizer paints and an oil wash.

There is a base, with a section of ruined street, destroyed building and crushed car. The kit is 1/144th scale - a common architectural scale, but not one with a lot of buildings. 'N'-scale for trains is very close - withing about 10%, so if you want to do any buildings, you should be able to go to a train store and get what you need. Since this is a totally alien thing, I don't think anyone will be able to tell the scale difference."

More images after the jump.

Here are some more images of the parts and they definitely look good, a little complicated esp with all those feelers. Its definitely going to be a challenge creating a diorama for this one but imagine two or three of these laying waste to a city ... whoaaa!!

There are more images over at GKvfx Flickr Album. Just click on his name to see them. Thanks for these great shots, they just convinced me to go get a few when they're released.

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