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Differences Between the Enterprise C and other Ambassador Class Vessels

OK, so we've seen the studio models for both the USS Enterprise C along with the other Ambassador Class Starships, and you've decided to build your kit along one of these. And as I have mentioned, the refurbished model had some differences, so if you are a rivet counter (a term given to those who wants accuracy above all else), then you need to pay attention to the following differences.

More detailed differences after this jump.

Most of these images and information below were obtained from Ex-Astris Scientia, an excellent site for Star Trek fans worldwide. I have decided to highlight them here so its easier to refer to these instead of jumping all over, but do visit  there for more information on anything pertaining to the Star Trek Universe.

You can't see the differences clearly through screen caps and the studio model images clearly, so the variance were further highlighted by Pedro and his excellent CGI rendition on these ships. Whilst Ex-Astria uses the Yamaguchi to highlight the differences, you need to take note that the Yamaguchi's model was reused for the Excalibur and Zukhov, changes done to the registry numbers. That is why in some of these studio model shots (not clearly shown unfortunately) you can see the Yamaguchi's registry on the Saucer hull, but the Excalibur's registry near the end tip of the Shuttle Bay.

There are basically nine variances to watch out for.

1. Bridge Module
Enterprise C's 12 normal-sized lifeboats are now replaced with 20 small rectangles on Deck 3, and that 2 larger elongated protrusions, one on either side. The 16 smaller rectangles on Deck 2 were removed and reduced from 4 to 2. The other Ambassador Class had 8 additional lifeboats behind the bridge module, compensating for the missing life boats on Deck 2 and 3.

2. Sensor Dome
Enterprise C's sensor dome has a simple clear round dome directly underneath the saucer hull while Other Ambassador's Class sensor dome is similar to the one seen on the USS Excelsior's with six rectangular extensions separated by a 60 degree angle.

3. Deflector Dish
The Enterprise C's deflector dish looks more like the Refit Constitutional Class Starships in that they are a smooth plain dish with 16 radial lines cutting inward. It also has the bluish light with a reddish glow when the unit is lighted. The other Ambassador's Class deflector dish is painted mid blue and has a additional rust coloured centre piece.

4 & 5. Saucer, Neck and Impulse Engine
There are two main differences within this area. The first lies with the neck section of the Enterprise C which roughly sticks out about 6m behind the saucer rim while the other Ambassador's Class neck is recessed by about 6m. While the neck and engineering section remains the same, it appears the others' complete saucer section had been moved about 12m backwards. As for the Impulse Engines, the Enterprise C's glows blue while the others appear to have a 4 LED look to hers.

A closer look at Yamaguchi's "4-LED" Impulse Engine Effect

6. Nacelle location on Pylons
The variance here is not very apparent between the distance from the nacelle front tips and the saucer when seen with the naked eye as they are roughly the same for both versions. The adjustment were probably made to accommodate the other Ambassador Class's modification when the sauce section was pushed back.

7. The Bussard Collector
The Enterprise C's Bussard Collector is a complete clear reddish piece whilst on the other Ambassador's Class, they have an upper and lower cowling.

8. A Third Shuttle Bay
While the Enterprise C has two shuttle bays, one on the back and another astern, the other Ambassador Class has a third shuttlebay located right under the engineering hull perpendicular to the the aft shuttle bay. It resembles the Excelsior's shuttlebay hung upside down.

9. The Engineering Hull Design and Aft Shuttle Bay
The engineering hull and hangar bay section on the Enterprise C is conical, narrowing at the rear while the other Ambassador Class's engineering hull resembles those of the classic constitution class starships. This is another reason why the pylons appear shorter on the other ambassador class vessels. Note that the Enterprise C do not have 6 escape pods near the engineering hull (3 on each side) as opposed to the other Ambassador Class, and that elongated rectangle box.

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