Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Flying Dutchman from Pirates of the Caribbean

Since we're on the topic of Pirates of the Caribbean, another cool ship that I do believe may be near impossible to replicate as a kit would be the dreaded Flying Dutchman. A cursed vessel that is out to collect lost souls at sea, and cursed again by Calypso to the captain for breaking her heart, he and his crew are forsaken to take on ghastly mutations until the curse gets broken.

To impose that cursed look on screen, the producers had the Flying Dutchman fitted with a morbid deck and hull, successfully capturing the essence of a forsaken ship and crew dreaded by sailors of that time.

And would you believe an actual mock up was created of her? Here's an image of the Flying Dutchman being towed for filming.

More images of the Flying Dutchman mock up after the jump.

Check out the ghastly details on this ship. Now imagine trying to replicate all those unto a kit. Even at 1/72 scale, I foresee a lot of missing details, not to mention jagged fragile edges. If this ever comes out as a kit, she's going to be a tough challenge to build.

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