Sunday, September 4, 2011

The USS Enterprise C and Studio Model References

Would you believe I actually missed out highlighting the Enterprise C's reference materials? While I was cleaning up my blog of dead links, I was wondering why my Enterprise C highlights had only 3 posts and when I checked, the reference materials was missing, and I do have images collected for these.

So without any further delay, I am highlighting these now. Please note I do not have much materials on the Enterprise C as well as the other Ambassador Class starships, so I'll put down what I have.

The USS Enterprise C was first seen in The Next Generation's episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" where she travelled through time in the middle of a battle and changed history. She is classified as an Ambassador Class Starship vessel, and was seen with lots of battle damage. Destined to be destroyed by the Romulans and the catalyst for the Federation/Klingon Khitimer Peace Accord, she was commandeered by Commander Garret who was killed in a surprise Klingon attack.

Here are some screen caps of the Enterprise C with all her battle damages.


The introduction of the Enterprise C help fills in the void left in the Star Trek Universe over the evolution tree of all Starships named Enterprise. All these USS Enterprises are seen either on TV or in the movies, the original with her refit, the Enterprise D, and the B which was introduced in the movie Star Trek Generations, then the E and later a brief look at the Enterprise J, but more on the J later.

More studio model references after the jump.

Do take note the studio model of the Enterprise C is full of battle damages, as seen in the episode. I have very few clean images of her, except when the studio model was changed to represent other Ambassador Class Vessels.

Here are some helpful schematics to help you with your build. The blueprints were obtained from Star Trek LCARS Blueprint Database

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  1. The ships are probably the main reason I love Star Trek. The Next Generation episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" was definitely a favorite. However, you can tell they only intended on using this ship in one episode with possible quick shots in others. It just lacks the style and details of the other ships you see in Star Trek. It's a cool ship, it's just a little boring. I do love seeing the history of the Enterprise though. I was so happy to see they remastered the space scenes on the original series. It ads so much more depth to the series.