Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Probert's Design for the Ambassador Class Starship (Enterprise C)

I saw this over at Modelermagic's site and decided to highlight this alternate ship's design here. Note that the images have been shrunk so if you want these in their original huge High Rez format, you need to go over to Modelermagic's site.

The USS Enterprise NCC 1701 C. An Ambassador Class Starships we first saw in "Yesterday's Enterprise". We have seen a couple of variants of her (The USS Yamaguchi and the USS Ambassador) and her basic shape and oversized forward deflector was among some of the ship's highlight. It took a while for that design to grow on me and I pretty much accepted her as she is now.

Then came another radical design of the Ambassador Class. The alternate design do remind me of one of the original designs planned out for the Enterprise D but never quite made it to the screen. Trust Andrew Probert of Probert Designs to come up with something that actually looks like an in-between the Enterprise B and D, and the people at The Light Works to bring the design out into beautiful visual concepts.

One thing is for sure, this alternate design is screaming for a kit bash. Read somewhere that someone was planning to develop a garage kit of her but that was a long time ago. Not sure if this ship ever had a kit done up now. Who knows, time will tell.


  1. If Proberts' Ambassador is available as a kit, I would DEFINITELY want one. Beautiful and sleek. The NX-10521's secondary hull, deflector array and sweeping pylons make her look like a flying manta-ray. She looks even more more powerful than the Enterprise-D. I'd rate her right up there with the Sovereign class Enterprise-E. Bandai? AMT? Anyone? Hahaha. Wishful thinking.

  2. Yes, Probert's design looks very 'logical' if we were to see a continuation between the 'B' and the 'D' due to its sleek curvy lines.

    However, I would wish the nacelle pylons would sweep back, but after seeing a sketch of the 'E' and a picture of a turkey next to it, well....

    I would like to get one but it must be huge, enough for lighting, though. That is, if my wallet is still alive...

  3. Hi!

    We Love your Forum! We also Love Andy Probert's Alternate Design for the USS Ambassador! Indeed she is a more elegant design than the original (that unfortunately I did not like at all!) This design definately bridges the conceptual gap between Enterprise B and D.I feel that there is almost a seemless transition in terms of cronology. This Ambassador Class gives you a sense of faultless continuity in line and form and has something of the Romantic about her as well as the practical and a subtle nod to the Motion Picture Constitution Class Refit. We thought that we would have our hands full this Spring sculpting our Master's for the USS Excelsior and Excelsior Refit- Enterprise-B in scale with AMT/ERTL's Enterprise Refit Kit but now we are seriously discussing producing a studio scale model of the USS Ambassador as well. Mmmm a lot of fibreglass and resin! Anyways we here at SB-15 are well impressed!

  4. Thanks Eugene. I really look forward to some of those sculpts. Based on feedbacks, I know there are lots of interest, especially for the Excelsior.

  5. We will keep you posted. We've had lots and lots of interest in the USS Excelsior and Enterprise- B already! Once we post them I think we're going to be inundated with orders! We will speak soon!

    Eugene Russell/ SB-15