Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aftermarket Detail Parts for the Revell Cylon Raider

I just realised that there have been quite a few detailed parts done up for the Revell Mark I Colonial Viper (most of which I have already highlighted here), such as for the guns, cockpit, canopy, thrusters, and there's even a kit for her landing gears/bay that's out of production.

But as far as I know, almost none was ever done up for its nemesis, the Cylon Raider .. that is until now. Perhaps it was because the Cylon Raider wasn't as popular as the Mark I Viper, after all it is a given that the good guys sell better than the bad. And furthermore, aren't being Cyborgs of sort, they were suppose to be superior and more efficient than the humans? So why the need for three pilots? Well, story has it that the Raider required a Pilot, a Gunner and a Commander. And judging by the size of the raider if you compare her side by side with the Mark I Viper (on a 1:1 scale), the Raider is probably around the size of a minibus, not very effective as a front line fighter.

Whatever the reason is, we can now represent a detailed cockpit for the Revell Cylon Raider kit, thanks to Just An Illusion. Its Cylon Raider Interior kit was truly something I was looking for, seeing that I was already planning to re-cast the intricate canopy section using clear resins and scratch build the interior with sheet styrene. Even before actually doing it, I was already scratching my head on how to create the canopy's mold alone. Thanks to this detailing kit, I don't need to now.

The Cylon Raider Interior kit comes in a nifty zip lock bag. Check out the images below for more details:

Parts are clearly neatly laid out inside the zip lock bag

There are 7 parts to this detailing kit, the Cockpit Cabin, the 3 seat arrangement, the vacuformed canopy, and 4 white metal cast of the Cylon pilots. The casting is nice and clean with sharp details and virtually no air bubbles, while the vacuformed canopy is sharply lined. Cutting her is going to be a challenge though. The metal cast of the Cylon pilots was a nice touch with pretty good details. I'm just wondering if all these would be visible from the outside as it would be a shame if they get hidden from view.

A closer look at the vacuformed canopy. The panels in between are slightly larger for a reason - so you can see inside. It also help give the overall Revell kit some scale now that there are pilots included, which only reaffirm the difference in scale between the 1/32 scale Mark I Viper.

The Cabin has nice details on the sideboards as well as the back walls. Another thing I noticed is the floor's zig zag linings. Not sure if this is studio accurate as I don't recall ever seeing the floor on the Raider itself, but the kit does provide for a busy interior look.

Closer look at the white metal cast of the Cylon Pilots. Well, their armour are supposedly metal, right?
 This detail set was available at Starship Modeler but there were only 5 units that came in. Not surprising that the set sold off within the day. Keep a continuous look out for it to see if a re-stock is on the way, since if this was a market test, well, it sold out pretty fast.

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