Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Slithery guest are just not welcomed in my house - PERIOD!!!

Came home pretty late today since it was a busy day at the office, so by the time we reached home, it was almost 10:00pm. I was tired but pretty much in a good mood. So what greeted us when we reach home totally spoiled everything.

I saw my wife running toward me (I was still in the car) and she was freaking out. She kept pointing toward our front door and shouting "There's a snake at the door". I put the car on park, went to have a look, and saw it was a Frakking Spitting Cobra. It was coiled by the main door but behind the iron grille (which I had put up a plastic fence to prevent cats from coming in) separating it and my dog who were sleeping there earlier. By then my dog had moved, and it was hissing at me despite me keeping my distance.

By that time, my neighbours came, attracted by the commotion. One came with this huge big stick, tried to poke it out but that damn thing slithered into my house instead. He went in after it and before I could follow, I heard WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

He came out with this .....

I thought it was a juvenile snake but when I saw it on the tip of the stick at over 3 feet long ....Holeeeeeee. Personally I detest killing of wild animals but I'm not messing around with a Spitting Cobra.

Apparently there had been numerous sightings at my housing area the past few years, and only last year my neighbour just across my house had killed one at his house. The poison is very neurotoxic, capable of destroying human tissues within seconds. It's poisonous spray is also capable of causing blindness. In this instance, I'm just grateful to my neighbour for his quick response for coming to my aid. If no one had come to help, I would have resorted to calling the Fire Department and wait.

Suffice to say it left my wife and me pretty much shaken. Just thinking about the possibility of one of these residing in my house just gives me the shivers. So I pretty much looked through the entire house with my Big Stick and Thank God I didn't see anymore.

So much for sleeping easy tonight.

UPDATE: I just found out another set of neighbours (Nepalese and Sabahan Security Guards renting out the house next to mine) went to look for the snake's carcass, took it back so they can cook it. YEEUCHHH!!! They say it has great ingredients for good health.


  1. I don't want to alarm you but it's pretty obvious you have a snakes' nest in your area. These critters produce quite a large number. Maybe your Nepalese and Sabahan guards can help to locate the nest and have a fiesta. Seriously though, my advice to you would be to buy a snake tong or something similar which would come in pretty handy besides having a strong and long stick. Sulfur would be a good deterrent but in your case, it's NOT advisable as you may end up poisoning your own dog and cats. My dog caught one in my house compound last year albeit a much smaller one and he promptly took care of it without getting bitten. I have a set of tongs ever since to deal with unwanted guests like monitor lizards which sometimes prey on kittens.

  2. EWwwww....!! cant imagine they're having a fiesta or delicacy on this lil critters!!!.. when it come to cobra better whack first and ask questions later i suppose.... good thing everyone is A-OK...
    kuman "Building the Titanic." Entry

  3. One man's Cobra is another man's lunch...

    Or maybe you might want to think about rearing a mongoose which you can also rent it out to the Security Guards or the local Rukun Tetangga people.....