Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Round 2 AMT USS Reliant Aztec Decal Set

I just received this. Ordered a couple of Round 2's AMT 1/537 scale USS Reliant Aztec Decal Set from Starship Modeler after seeing and getting swept off my feet with their 1/2500 scale decals. I must admit the decals here are quite impressive, and comprehensive. They literally encompass the entire ship, looking at the instruction sheet.

The packaging is relatively simple. 4 sheets of decals, each protected with their own wax paper, and each set comes with a hard cardboard piece to prevent them from bending. The decal sheets are slightly larger than an A4 size paper.

The nice thing about this set besides being comprehensive is that it also gives you an alternate registry for another Miranda Class Vessel, the USS Saratoga, seen briefly on Star Trek IV The Voyage Home. So for those who were curious about this set, and was contemplating about getting one, here are some images to help you make up your mind.

A comprehensive instruction sheet is also included.

Not sure if you can make out the Aztec patterns but you can clearly make out the Saratoga's registry markings

Instructions are simple and helpful with each numbers and pieces clearly illustrated. The patterns are also reproduced next to their placement positions.

So for those who had purchased the 1/537 scale USS Reliant, be it the recent issue or if you still kept the old one, this Aztec Decal Set is a must have if you wish to detail your Miranda Class Starship. And yeah, had to include that Titanium Series Raptor in there .. well, I really love that ship. Really.

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