Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First Look at the New 1/32 Scale Moebius Colonial Viper MK VII

Coming really soon - Moebius Colonial Viper MKVII.
But just which one is the real box cover?

A special thanks to Miniature Sun from Hobbytalk.com, we are now able to see what the coming Moebius Colonial Viper MKVII kit looks like.

Scheduled for an April 2011 release, this kit will be the third official kit released under the Moebius banner, the first being the MKII Colonial Viper, then followed by the best selling Battlestar Galactica. The MKVII kit will be in 1/32 scale, similar to the MKII variant as well as Revelogram's Original Series MKI Colonial Viper.

The images of the new kit was only made possible after Frank Winspur contacted Miniature Sun to see if he was interested in building up the new MKVII kit to be included into a massive hangar bay diorama done up specially for the Crewe Show. An offer that definitely won't be refused, Miniature Sun took up the challenge, kept the whole project a secret and revealed it yesterday. The surprise was well received as suffice to say the kit generated so much attention it looks to have a promising future.

As seen from the parts from the spruce, the molds' details on this kit is superb and you can even make out the engraved panel lines.

A plus point with this kit is the option to build either a male (Apollo) or female (Starbuck) pilot. Parts are plastic which makes it so much easier to work with.

Fuselage fits perfectly together with all the parts easing in place.

Miniature Sun reinforced the wing root with styrene strips though the part fits perfectly together as they are. Its his way of making sure those areas are strengthened

Another nice touch with this kit is the inclusion of a complete Landing Gear Bay, something that was missing from the MKII kit.

The triple engine nozzle came with details that was otherwise scratch build unto its resin kit cousins. The rails around the side engine panels was a nice touch giving the MKVII a more correct look toward the CGI model used on the show.

The Landing Gears in this image is actually 6mm shorter than they should be. The released kit will carry the correct size gears.

The cockpit tub looks simple enough with only four parts. Miniature Sun had to use decals from the MKII as the test kit given to him came with no decals, and no instructions. And you can bet a PE set would be making its way for this kit as well.

The three large rings fit snugly unto the fuselage to give it a perfect fit.

And here's the finished masterpiece of the test kit, assembled and painted without the use of instruction sheets and actual decals (decals had to be "borrowed" from elsewhere).

The MKVII Colonial Viper proudly sits on the massive diorama, taking its place among the MKIIs and deck hands on board the Galactica.

I can't wait for this kit to be released. She will certainly add on to my fleet of Vipers but to complete a Hangar Bay diorama, we're going to need the Raptor. Let's hope Moebius is able to come through for us with that one.


  1. The name STARBUCK on the kit looks like it's spelled STARBUCH even at close-up.

  2. Its the font used and yeah, it looks more like a "H" than a "K"

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