Sunday, July 24, 2011

South Korea's Hobby Fair 2011

It was truly a privilege to see another list of spectacular builds at another corner of the world, this time over at South Korea. I managed got these images from Chanwoo Kim's FB Album and its amazing what the modelers over there were able to churn out. Not only are ALL the builds there done up IPMS style, but the talents, skills and creativity shown are downright awesome.  Hence it is truly an honour for me to highlight these with the hope that they inspire others to take up the challenge and create their own, make real your fantasies and share them.

For the benefit of those without FB accounts, and credits given to Mr. Kim for his pictures, I would like to now share the builds after the page break. I have segregated them according to their genre for easier reference.

Maschinen Kruger (MA.K)

Star Wars

Other Sci Fi




Military Aircraft (Modern)


Military Aircraft Diorama

Military Aircraft (WWII and Earlier)



Military Armour




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