Monday, January 2, 2012

Academy's Impressive 1:400 scale Titanic

Here's one to mess up your mind, Academy's impressive 1:400 scale RMS Titanic. They came up with the Premium Edition first providing metal and PE parts. This kit is probably sold out in most places.

Then comes the Centenary Anniversary Edition, this time besides brass metal and PE parts, you also get the wooden deck along with a small jigsaw ... jigsaw??? I assume perhaps the modeler would want that beautiful art piece framed next to his/her completed kit.

Its details galore, and what better way to celebrate Titanic's 100th year than to have a kit 99% close to the real thing.


  1. Just bought the Centenary kit which I intend to put together over 2012. Being sent to me from Liverpool of all places. I'm camping in wait for the postman...

  2. Hi Dan, I myself am waiting for mine from my local hobby store. Placed the order late Nov but I think mine will only arrive after January :(. Do share your work in progress as this is truly an impressive kit. Thanks